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Top IT Outsourcing Locations for 2018

To remain competitive in the market and have an edge over competitions, firms all over the world are increasingly opting for outsourcing. It doesn’t only make the whole operation process more affordable but, also gives high-quality work with a quick turnaround time. In fact, according to a recent research, firms take 87% of their outsourcing decisions solely based on cost factors. Further, 30% of the IT firms resorting to outsourcing find it an absolutely impeccable strategy for lowering the overhead costs. 

Hence, the benefits of outsourcing are enormous and are definitely going to help firms survive and excel in the long run of business. However, before you think about taking the outsourcing plunge, isn’t it important to know about the destinations that can give you the best-outsourced workforce?  From education qualification, language diversity to advanced skills and infrastructure, what are the top outsourcing destinations that can take your firm a notch higher? Want to know about it? Take a look.

India: With 65% of total IT outsourced jobs coming to India, the popularity of India as an outsourcing destination is quite evident. Not only its home to a huge pool of talented human capital at reasonable rates but, also possesses high-end infrastructural facilities along with government’s stable and friendly IT policies. Outsourcing providers such as Your Team in India support every kind of business activities and give impeccable results everywhere, especially in the IT industry with its seamless programming and software skills, thereby making India one of the top outsourcing destination for firms across the globe.

Philippines: Having a colonial background, Philippines has emerged as a great outsourcing destination because of its seamless adaptability in giving high-end production facilities to every kind of business. Being a highly educated and skilled nation, the employees here are dedicated and determined to give their best. In fact, they not only have seamless communication skills but, are also available for work at comparatively lower salary, thereby increasingly becoming the hot pick for firms wanting to cut down on costs without compromising on the quality front.

China: It holds an approx. of 36% of the total outsourcing business, consequently, emerging as a sort-after outsourcing destination. With the highest population in the world, its human resource available at very low cost plays a key role in global outsourcing. However, with lack of proper protection of intellectual property and good English language skills, China makes it easy to duplicate software products.

Argentina: With a rich flow of software developers and IT engineers, Argentina is doing great in its outsourcing business. Also, English being its second language, the employees here are great at communication, thereby making the whole business process very understanding and flawless. However, the government support here is quite less and can be an issue if you are looking for some stability while outsourcing IT services.

Bulgaria: With an educational system focusing significantly on technical education, Bulgaria is in competition with other outsourcing countries since 2007. The corporate tax here is quite low, thereby making it a favorable outsourcing destination. However, a major con is its labor cost being a little higher than India, Poland, and certain other outsourcing countries.

Poland: The literacy rate is quite high in Poland, therefore, making its population capable enough to work internationally. With the highest percentage of outsourced workers in the field of technology, the employees here are high on ethics with highest regards to corporate morals and values. This makes them not only trustworthy but, hardworking as well.

Now, since you know thoroughly about the top outsourcing destinations of the world, it’s high time you dive in the world of outsourcing and emerge as a fierce competition to competitors while saving high on costs. It’s affordable, it’s smart and just the correct strategy to follow right now.

Moreover, with India as one of the topmost outsourcing destination, outsourcing your IT workforce here makes all the more sense. Hence, if you wish to take this plunge, look nowhere when Your Team in India is here. With an impeccable team of IT workers, high-end technology, and infrastructure, we thrive to take your business a level up with our effective offshore services. For any queries or discussions, feel free to reach us We will get back instantly. 


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