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The Concept of IT Virtual Office

With technology becoming an integral part of the way businesses are carried out, it is critical to get hold of a plethora of facilities and features it brings along. Did you know that out of the 7.1 billion world population, around 5 billion are active users of the global mobile network? And, not to forget that the 20 percent amidst these are smartphone users. Isn’t this huge? 

These statistics are evident how technology is transforming the way businesses are carried out. In this context, an imperative dimension being explored is that of the virtual office. Wondering what it is? Well, it’s everything that a business can acquire conveniently and pave new avenues of success. To be precise, a virtual office provides you with the infrastructure of your office without having to actually invest in a physical space. And guess what? It even gives you the essential benefit of an exclusive business address meant just for you. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Moreover, the flexibility a virtual office offers remains unmatched. Not only it conveniently adapts to your needs but, also helps you maintain a proper work-life balance. So, whether you have a startup that needs to explore the market, a big business which is in urgent need of a short term office space or an SME which requires space to have its meetings, a virtual office can be your one-stop destination. In fact, a study conducted by Citrix reveals that around 89% of companies will offer mobile work styles by 2020. This data certainly shows how the cost-effective virtual offices are going to become the talk of the town soon with every business trying its best to extract the benefits of virtual offices to the core. 

With the concept of virtual office making its strong presence felt amidst the industry and market, it has become critical for the businesses to go the virtual way and make the most out of it. Moreover, with 94 percent of the companies successfully incorporating the virtual office solution into their businesses, why would you want to lag behind and miss out on this impeccable opportunity? Let’s give you an in-depth insight on how a virtual office can work wonders for your business. 

Availability of pre-existing resources at your fingertips: A virtual office provider gives you access to a vast range of pre-existing resources at your service. From logistics, technology to location and staffs, a virtual office manages it all which doesn’t only save you on cost but, also saves your time and efforts which you can incorporate in more productive works. Moreover, the ability to customize the virtual office according to your need and preferences makes it more convenient and easy to use. From a professional receptionist to manage your calls and meetings to a globally accessible, premium business address, from a dedicated HR and IT team to high-end meeting facilities induced with seamless communication, a virtual office can be perfectly and instantly molded according to your business. What more could you ask for?

The decrease in overhead: A virtual office saves you from the chaos and hassle of having a brick and mortar space. Neither you have to worry about the office lease, nor have you to think about any utility payments, hardware costs, and other associated costs. Imagine the ample decrease you will have on overheads. And, not to forget the increased profit margins and accelerated revenues. 

Considerable cost savings on technology: There are considerable savings on the technological front too. Virtual offices extensively incorporate the concepts of BYOT i.e. bring your own technology where employees are responsible for the preferred technology they use along with its upgradation and maintenance. It doesn’t only allow employees to work remotely, but also saves your technology costs considerably. Moreover, a well-equipped virtual office built with high-end IT infrastructure can be critical in conducting meetings, webinars, and conferences instantly, therefore saving you from the unnecessary costs of scheduling physical meetings. 

Enhanced productivity:Virtual offices allow your employees to work remotely. All they need is access to flawless technology and they are good to go. Flexible working hours, no commuting issues, fewer distractions are some of the key features that make the concept of virtual office a hit amidst the employees and works significantly towards improving their productivity. After all, who wouldn’t love to work amidst the comforts of their home? 

Improved connectivity and market accessibility: It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the virtual office makes you omnipresent. The innovative and top-notch technology of such offices lets you be everywhere without being physically present all the time. It is a critical factor in building your client’s trust on you because they know the control you are having on your team through the management of a dedicated virtual office in India. And, the fact that satisfied clients go a long way in improving the existing connections and making new ones along with greater market accessibility. 

Easily accommodates geographically spread employees: With 67% of employees opting to work remotely, a virtual office can be a great way of accommodating them. The remote employees you hire belong to a vast pool of geographically spread area. Whether it’s your sales team or IT employees, having a permanent space for them has become a thing of yesterday. All you need is a virtual office which can give you a central location for conducting meetings and interactions with clients and employees. 

The flexibility and convenience of a virtual office don't only make your working process seamless but, contributes significantly towards the growth of your business. With ample savings on costs, time and efforts, it lets you concentrate on improving and scaling your business and taking it to an altogether new level.  

Interested in setting up your own virtual office? Want to reap out the benefits of the seamless experience a virtual office gives? Your Team in India is an IT staff augmentation service in India which can help you set up your customized virtual office with a dedicated team of the efficient and compliant workforce. For any queries, write to us at We will get back to you instantly.


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